CloudCampus – helping Salesforce users at all levels discover and learn the platform

UI/UX Designer

I was brought in to Salesforce at the beginning of the UX phase for a new product intended to teach customers how to use the Salesforce platform. The business requirements and initial user studies had been drafted, along with a preliminary pitch deck. My role was to define what the product would actually be, from features to flow to design.

Because we had a limited time frame, and a large number of stakeholders, I began with a design sprint. Taking my cues from the process created at Google Ventures, I led a three-day workshop where stakeholders and team members at every level were brought together to create a shared vision. From engineers to content creators to executive sponsors, the whole workshop team collaborated on ideation exercises. At the end of the sprint, we had a number of clickable prototypes that I was able to put in front of real users, giving us fast, invaluable feedback.

In leading the user research, I went through a series of steps that began with online surveys and ultimately culminated in hands-on in-depth interviews and usability tests. We were able to create a user panel of Salesforce customers who became actively involved in our design process.

Working with an excellent outside engineering partner, CodeScience, we built Cloud Campus over a series of Agile sprints, resulting in a product where performance, design, and UX were given equal priority. The final product ultimately merged with Trailhead. Salesforce now has one of the best products for learning their platform in the industry.