De-cluttering your inbox and revealing great offers

User Experience Director

Preferio was a startup founded by Jayson Elliot, Mushter Moin, and Zia Karim in 2012. Our launch product was a personalized catalog app for the iPad populated by products found in your email inbox.

Once the user connects their existing email account to their Preferio account, the service scans their inbox, finding matches with known retailers from our own database. We archive the shopping emails to hide them from the user’s inbox, and reveal them in our iPad app as catalog pages. The user can flip through the catalogs while the products are displayed independently, making it fun and easy to see the latest deals.

Users can follow their favorite merchants, set alerts for the kinds of deals they don’t want to miss, and share what they discover with their friends and family. We de-clutter your inbox while helping you find the deals you were looking for in the first place.

My role was product strategist, user researcher, and UX designer. I directed a UI designer for the final product. Preferio reached beta release, and was pivoted in 2014 to become Shoplandia.