Delivering university degrees to students in Africa via smartphone

Director of User Experience

OneUni delivers accredited university degrees for students in Africa via their smartphones. I joined during the product planning stage, engaging in primary user research in Nairobi, Kenya as we created the strategy for a transformative mobile app. As the Director of User Experience, my role has been to lead UX for the design, engineering, and product teams as we build and iterate quickly to bring a much-anticipated product to market.

Our process began with secondary research and expertise in the higher education field from our outstanding leadership team. We engaged with iHub, a user research firm from Nairobi, and created personas and scenarios to address the unique needs of college students in a developing, fast-growing city. There were many unique challenges, such as limited storage space, unreliable connections, the common practice of swapping between multiple SIM cards, even the unique public transportation situation in Nairobi.

The app is Android-only, fitting the market, and relies primarily on text rather than video. Readability in diverse situations was of utmost importance, and we spent a great deal of time iterating our typography and color contrasts for the best results. The OneUni app must integrate classes from multiple universities, as well as third-party assessment engines and payment systems. The wide range of devices used by students in Kenya also presented a technical and UX challenge.

My role has been across the entire gamut of UX for OneUni, from research and strategy to information architecture, content strategy, interaction design & prototyping, and the final design and UI.

OneUni demo from Jayson Elliot on Vimeo.