The wearable coach that talks you through your workout.

Product Manager / UX

Moov is a unique wearable in the fitness market—it not only knows that you’re moving, it knows how you’re moving. With nine-axis motion sensors, it has more sensitivity than any device on the market, so Moov can tell exactly where it is in three-dimensional space, including details like angle, spin, and impact. Starting with this exceptional innovation in hardware, my job was to come up with equally innovative software—a series of iPhone apps that would take advantage of this new wearable.

Working in a small team, split between Mountain View, California and Shenzhen, China, we worked closely together for long hours to bring Moov to market. Our initial funding was via a crowdfunding campaign, selling our first million dollars worth of devices in just one week. We had to deliver fast, and meet our customers’ expectations.

I conducted the user research in concert with the CEO, who also had a UX background, and two fitness experts who quickly learned the basics of user studies with our help. With such a tight-knit team, including the technical co-founder literally shoulder to shoulder with me, our process was minimal. Flows and wireframes were sketched on whiteboards, designs submitted as tickets in JIRA, and usability and interaction design elements were iterated on the spot. Our UX team eventually consisted of myself and the CEO plus one more UX designer, and one pure UI designer. Whether we were selecting music, shooting videos of our fitness instructors, iterating UI, or even designing the light patterns for the device itself, responsibilities were fluid and collaborative. It’s hard to imagine having more fun on less than five hours of sleep a night!

In the end, it all paid off as we delivered on time to happy customers. An initial funding round of Series A investment quickly followed, and Moov today is on its second generation, available not just online, but on the shelves of Apple retail stores worldwide.