Making it easy for parents to be involved with their children’s school activities

Director of User Experience

Monday Envelope was born out of one mother’s frustration at the complex mess of paperwork, permission slips, schedules, and tasks she faced with her two school-aged children. As a tech entrepreneur, she was intricately familiar with the many tools available for business, yet the tools available for parents were far behind.

I was brought in to define the product, and help bring it to market. We began with a series of ideation sessions and user workshops. With a panel of parents that represented our core user base, we explored all the ways they addressed their needs with existing tools and behavior, and explored ways we could solve their problems. We ultimately chose to build a mobile-first website that would let parents handle the most common issues they faced. Because parents are busier than ever, and much of their day is spent on their smartphones, we limited ourselves to mobile only at first, given our tight resources and timeline. Our other innovation was to bypass the complex bureaucracy of school boards and districts, and go directly to the parents themselves, resulting in a product aimed at PTO/PTA groups.

My role was to work closely with a remote engineering team as I created the initial information architecture, on through the UX design, and final collaboration on the UI itself.